Olivia Buckton-Smith is an actor, singer & model that works both locally and internationally.

Currently studying the Hagen Core method at Herbert Berghof Studio (HB Studio) in New York, her experience includes theatre, musical theatre, drama teaching, writing, directing, children’s entertainment, modelling, and the creation and execution of performance art.

Olivia is a singer / song writer with a broad range of credits that include solo work, singing in bands, in musicals and with choirs. A soprano singer that sings both lead or harmony parts, Olivia has a three octave range and can sing most musical styles. Her debut EP “Am I Awake” is available now at Bandcamp 

In 2015, Olivia wrote her first play; Ay Mis Hijos (Oh My Children) for Montsalvat Arts’ Festival whilst still completing secondary school. At 16 she worked with a group of asylum seekers and refugees to create I’d Turn Back. A play that highlighted the human stories of refugees and asylum seekers struggling in the midst of a volatile political climate. It featured at both the Melbourne (2016) and Adelaide Fringe Festivals (2017). During this time Olivia continued to direct I’d Turn Back whilst also performing, in a ‘Cabaret meets Brecht” performance of, Ceremony of the Innocent at the Adelaide and Melbourne Fringe Festivals.

Since then Olivia has worked on many varied and creative projects as outlined in her list of credits

Olivia was also a finalist in the 2020 Australian Supermodel Of The Year.

Originally from from Melbourne Australia, Olivia has a dog called Esmerelda, sings Christmas carols every year to raise money for the homeless, is a yoga instructor, runs her own small business and loves gluten free baking.