Olivia Buckton Smith is an experienced model and her modelling credits include:


Gypsy Nation Vintage has been a true staple in New York vintage since 2010. Run by long-time vintage hunter and collector Martha Camarillo, they source and carry rare luxury and designer vintage ranging from the eras of the 1900s-1990s.

You can find them every weekend at Artists and Fleas in the north Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York

Olivia modelled for Gypsy Nation in 2022 when she was living in New York.

2020 Australian Supermodel Of The Year

Olivia Buckton Smith was a finalist for the 2020 Australian Supermodel Of The Year. Australian Super Model of the Year (ASOTY 2020) is a fashion focused beauty pageant that aims to represent women (and men) of diverse ethnicities and cultures held in Bali each year. The theme for ASOTY is ‘I am beautiful’, ‘I am strong’ and ‘I am enough’.

This competition bought together models from across Australia, India, Indonesia and New Zealand to interact & learn from experts in the business of fashion & modelling.


Olivia Buckton Smith works regularly with the very talented Elliot Ramsay:

“I’m a photographer / creator and my passion is making visual stories through a combination of creativity, insight and technical excellence to create original, beautiful and emotive imagery”. – Elliot

View his work Here


Ladelle has been creating and designing quality home wares products for nearly 30 years. Today, Ladelle is the market leader in Australia and New Zealand and supplies multiple market sectors from supermarkets to high end department stores.

In 2019 Olivia Buckton Smith worked with Ladelle Australia on their summer catalogue.


One of Olivia Buckton Smith’s first ever photo shoots was an analogue shoot with Amelia Howler Photography titled “Bright Shadows”.

Howler Photographic was created in 2015. During Amelia Howler`s high school years she began experimenting with mountain bike photography and attended local races. Amelia Howler went on to study a Bachelor of Creative Arts, Majoring in Photography at the beginning of 2015, finishing 2017 and graduating in 2018. Since University Amelia has been developing her brand to provide people with trouble free professional images. 


Olivia Buckton Smith worked with Melbourne Based photograher James Sun from Lenscape Labs in 2018.

“My photography is generally very natural, I prefer to utilise available light and have people pose in public environments, as opposed to studio photography. So if you were hoping for some portrait shots in an urban environment (Melbourne CBD) or perhaps in parks”. – James

You can check out some his non-portrait work on instagram @lenscape_labs or on 500px @lenscapelabs