Project summaries



A new theatre piece devised by the 2019 BYTE ensemble and Joachim Matschoss with music by young composers Olivia Buckton-Smith and Tom Pitts.

This theatre piece deals with identity, relationships, love, gender and what it means to be young in today’s times. Above all it explores Shakespeare’s themes in a fun way. Soliloquies become songs and the audience will not escape the magic of love.

What country friends is this? was shown on a bare stage with an ensemble of four actors/singers. They share their thoughts and their innermost feelings with the audience. This is a piece of theatre that includes original songs. It part comic, moving and thought-provoking. The show premiered in Melbourne/Australia in 2018, before touring in late February to April 2019 to HongKong, China, Thailand, Singapore, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, France, Switzerland, the USA, Ireland, the Philippines and the Netherlands.

Cast: Casey Bohan, Olivia Buckton-Smith, Anna Lyons and Megan Mitchell.


Another Scrambled Prince gem “Ceremony Of The Innocent” was written and directed by George Franklin with members of the Scrambled Prince Theatre Company. The story has parallel spanning everything from the Pied Piper to the Stolen Generation. Olivia Buckton-Smith played the role of The Ringmaster during its Melbourne Fringe season and then the lead role of The Harlot when the show moved to Adelaide.

The one hour drama was effectively a moral and religious discourse on the nature of faith. The harlot lives by her means to survive. The priest is beset by human weakness and doubt in his faith and desperately asserting the rational in the face of the irrational consequence of blind faith. Nicholas is possessed by a misguided faith in his own powers and drives his faithful followers towards their doom at the hands of merchants, slave traders and hunger and starvation. Gradually the crusade collapses and the cult leaves its trail of delusion along the path to shattered hope.

Ceremony Of The Innocent premiered at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2016 then to the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2017.


Hunted Interactive Theatre creates original, horror themed theatrical performances.

Olivia Buckton-Smith toured regional Victoria in 2018 as Lucille in “Rising Waters” which had a unique opening, playing in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney simultaneously on the week of Halloween 2017. Since then, it has toured to every major city in Australia as well as regional towns.

It tells the fictional story of a little girl on her way to her birthday party that was lured down to the water side of a murky lake and murdered.

This unique interactive theatre experience is not for the faint hearted.


An exciting new Australian musical about John Flynn, the man who founded the Flying Doctor in Australia in 1927. Now Be Resourceful presented an industry showcase of In Like Flynn at the MC Showroom on 25 & 26 August 2017. Written by Geraldine Paterson with music co-composed by Craig Bryant and Mezz Coleman.

It explores the conflict between a young visionary bringing change, and a conservative establishment wanting to cling to the status quo in a time of many unknowns. The stakes are high as individual lives and whole communities hang in the balance between life and death. Every decision matters. What is it going to cost the padre to see his vision become reality? Will the woman he loves wait for him as he pursues his dream?

In Like Flynn featured a stellar local cast including Nigel Huckle, Scott MacKenzie, Jensen Overend, Calie Paterson, Daniel Roper, Megan Scolyer-Gray, Olivia Buckton-Smith, Caitlin Spears, and Chloe Towan.

Olivia as Titania with Nick Kokkolis


This latest original work by Scrambled Prince Theatre Company premiered at the 2020 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Written by Tom Franklin, and Co produced by Olivia Buckton-Smith, this modern adaptation of an old classic played to large crowds throughout the festival.

Four teenagers are missing in the woods. Who or what is to blame? Theseus, the politician? Feral fairies? Millennial vanity? Avocado on toast? These questions are best answered by those equipped to wade through the detritus of modern life: true crime podcasters, beauty vloggers and unhinged conspiracy theorists. Midsummer night’s dream done right!

Olivia played the role of a dissatisfied Titania as well as Co producing this piece.


Playhouse Pantomimes is a theatre company that produces children’s shows at the Doncaster Playhouse every school holidays.

With a talented creative team of Blake Everett, Matt Wallace & Alanah Parkin, they put their own spin on all your favourite fairytales and childhood classics. Featuring singing, dancing, comedy, puppets, and plenty of exciting opportunities for audience interaction. Playhouse Pantomimes is supplemented by occasional guest actors such as Olivia who loved working with them. Olivia played the rolls of The Queen Of Hearts & The Caterpillar in Alice In Wonderland during their January 2019 season.

Cast: Alanah Parkin, Matt Wallace, Blake Everett, Olivia Buckton-Smith, Tess Branchflower and Alice Albon.


Written and directed by Olivia Buckton-Smith, whilst still a 16 year old high school student. The script of I’d Turn Back was created directly from verbatim accounts of refugees and asylum seekers.

It told their human stories and struggles for survival in the midst of a volatile political climate. I’d Turn back highlighted the hardships undertaken by people forced to leave their homes and travel, by any means possible, to ‘somewhere else’ in search of safety, only to find a host of new dangers.

Performed with kinetic storytelling, the piece is devoid of any props or sets — just four actors dressed in black and white, recounting stories and adopting elements of physical theatre.

I’d Turn back featured at both the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2016 & the Adelaide Fringe Festivals in 2017. Olivia also played the role of an asylum in Adelaide when one of the cast was unwell.

Cast: Olivia Buckton-Smith, Chrissy Fitzmaurice, Tess Hider, Micheal Jukes and Oliver Zargorski.


Another Scrambled Prince project, written & directed by George Franklin, in which Olivia Buckton-Smith was part of the creative team and one of the Gaelic Singers.

The story of a woman’s willing sacrifice for love, and the casual acceptance of her death by all around her. Fickle fates, uncaring gods and selfish men conspire to send Alcestis to Hades in her husband’s place. An irreverent and disturbing exploration of Euripides’ most elusive story, through movement, music and Irish Language song.

Euripides Alcestis featured at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival.


Hauntville is a Halloween Festival in Burnley, Melbourne, featuring two heart pounding haunted attractions. Filled with immersive environments, quality sets, scary acting, and elaborate costumes.

Hauntville is a festival celebrating all things spooky, scary and macabre, and it’s popping up at Burnley Circus Park in the lead-up to Halloween. Held over two fright-tastic weekends in October. Hauntville  is not for the faint of heart. This twisted Carnival of clowns and creatures appeared as though summoned by a dark force.  Step right into the terrifying thrill of a lifetime but beware….. this show is killing IT!

Olivia Buckton-Smith enjoyed her roll as the Scary Clown at Hauntville 2018.


Presented by: Scrambled Prince Theatre Company in 2015 it featured at both the Melbourne & Adelaide Fringe Festivals.

A folk opera re-imagining of the Red Riding Hood Myth. Jesse Rasmussen is a theatre maker well known for her textured and nuanced work with acclaimed theatre company, Four Larks. Thanks to Arts Victoria she worked with a group of talented young actors from Scrambled Prince Theatre Company, together with George Franklin and Gabriel Piras, created a visceral show rich with music and movement.  With dialogue, songs and movement the large ensemble cast weaves variations of the story, underscored by a strange band featuring orchestral and junk instruments. The play examines the archetypes of the classic tale through current eyes, and asks questions about power, gender, identity and isolation.

How Came That Blood was Olivia’s first real taste of quality professional theatre. As a young teenager her ensemble role as a “Blood Child” featured her vocally as a soloist and small ensemble vocalist.