Project Summaries



Olivia played the lead role of Nancy in Red Cloth, an Avant-garde short film written & directed by Jon Escobar. This psychological thriller, set in the mid 50’s, was finally shot in late 2021 prior to Olivia moving to New York.

Shooting was interrupted five times due to Covid lockdown restrictions but is now scheduled for release in mid 2022.

A copy of the film will be available here after its release.



Nam Nguyen is a young, creative & talented rising star of the film world. Neverland is his first short film staring Daniel Agar & Olivia Buckton-Smith.

The film depicts the challenges of dealing with boredom and loneliness during lockdown, but with a little twist.

The full movie will not be released until mid 2022 but you can view a short clip from it on this page summary.

A full copy of the film will be available here after its release.


Olivia worked with Spilting Productions and Universal Music Ireland on a music video by ANIM called “Count To Ten”. Olivia plays the lead female role in the video, which follows a self destructive couple amidst the joys and pains of their relationship.

“Dynamic duo ANIM, one of Ireland’s most tantalising exports, have today revealed their slick new single ‘Count To Ten’. Signed to Universal Music/Casablanca Records, the crossover dance smash pairs the powerful production prowess of both producers, with ANIM made up of Darren Rice and Mark McCabe.” – We Rave You

Click on the image to watch the video


Look! Kate is talking to Shannon. See Kate dance. Watch Kate run. Run, Kate, run!

An experimental drama, directed and shot by David McRobbie Park, that explores the belief that ‘the moments in between’ are those that are the most interesting and revealing. Medium was free from the structures of direct cause/effect and continuity found in other films. Most dialogue was improvised in rehearsal and on set.

It premiered at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in December 2018 and Olivia Buckton-Smith played the lead role of Kate. During the shooting she was required to walk into the freezing cold waters at St. Kilda beach in winter – see image – a scene that was later cut from the film

This experimental drama was Nominated for Best Bachelor Of Fine Arts (Film and Television) Production at the VCA Film and Television Graduate awards.


Olivia Buckton-Smith has been teaching yoga for three years and the last two of these has been with homeless people, and women and children escaping family violence, from some of The Salvation Army’s programs for marginalised and disadvantaged people.

So when they asked her to create an online yoga series that can be used in these programs during the Coronavirus lockdown it was a coming together of two of her passions.

Olivia worked with Salvos Yoga to develop a yoga series that was suitable for use across these programs and services. ‘Restore’ is the final result, a five part yoga series that is available free online. To access these sessions visit Salvos Yoga and follow the prompts

Created by Olivia Buckton-Smith in partnership with The Salvation Army. Filmed and edited by Dave Cairns of Dave Cairns Creative.


Written and directed by Andrew Ayres from SAE creative media in Melbourne Australia.

Screamin’ Demons, is a Comedy Thriller following Peter, a fraudulent exorcist who becomes possessed by a scream inducing demon after attending to a young daughter of the Fogherty family. When his screams become uncontrollable he must be subdued by his roommate and exercised. When their attempts fall short and after a disturbing phone call from the Fogherty household, they decide to return to find and face the cause of the Screamin Demon. Olivia played a supporting role as Sarah the rebellious teenager.

CAST: Anthony Roy Barton, Olivia Buckton-Smith, Tim Constantine, Rossco Dwyer & Sharon Haywood.


Olivia worked with Vidico on the 2021 Strike Bowling “Shake Your Asset” TV commercial playing the DJ role. Click on the ‘Strike” image to view the TVC